Multiple Books Designed in HTLM5 specialy for IPad, the major enhancement given by SwipBoard is the capability to manage differents Digital Publications (Books). You can download Digital Publications to keep them on your device and to let you take the time to read tem in an off-line mode.
Nice & Simple SwipeBoard is based on a customized version of the "Baker ebook Framework" to provide wonderful Digital Publications (Books) that can be raed, listened or watched in a very convenient way. Swipe on the right or on the left pages and the scroll up and down to discover the contents. You can then appreciate very interesting articles with wondeful pictures and videos.
Welcome Page of SwipeBoard
Navigation Bar Double Tap on screen and then the bottom Navigation Bar appears. The swipe on the right or on the left into the Navigation Bar to select the page you want to access to
Soon ... Under investigation the capability to configure your own "Private Access" that is available on the Navigation Bar of Main Book of SwipeBoard. At this time, "My Private Access" is My Private Access that allow me to publish new Digital Publication for my own Business ! Open this feature to everyone means to grant access to publish Digital Contents in a very simple way through this Wb Site... So wait & see. In the meantime, Enjoy !
There is 2 specials icons in the Navigation Bar :
Always in the second position, a Library logo: It allows you to select differents books referenced by the current book.
Always in the first position, the SwipeBoard logo: It allows you to come back to the main book of SwipeBoard.
Swipe Board Features
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ContactSwipe through your Digital Publication and then discover a magic world !
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