SwipeBoard uses a customized version of the “Baker ebook framework” for producing an iOS app. It basically reads a bunch of HTML files and displays them one after another. Designing pages and adding interactivity is all done in HTML5. That makes it more accessible and cheap to develop, because you do not need any proprietary software. Besides the customized “Baker ebook framework”, SwipeBoard includes a set of HTML files and styles which are built with the “Less Framework“. It makes designing with multiple columns easy and the automatic resizing to the screen size possible. Preconfigured styles are sorted into “modules”, which are HTML and Javascript code snippets for achieving a specific content or interactivity. Baker is an HTML5 eBook Framework for publishing books on the Apple iPad using open web standards. It’s open source, BSD licensed (which pretty much means it’s free to do anything you want with it except resell it). Baker is simple enough to manage from a technical perspective with the right tools. From a marketing and distribution perspective, the Baker Ebook Framework offers a way to distribute your book as a native iPad application rather than through the iTunes bookstore as an ePub document. There are a lot fewer books in the app store than in the bookstore. It’s another eBook distribution channel that doesn’t appear to be any more involved than the others, and having your book available as an app may add some slight publishing credibility. I hope we’ll be seeing more and more ways to publish to more and more eBook readers and mobile devices. Ebooks are in their infancy, and we’re only beginning to see standardized formats that offer the typographical capabilities of physical books. Whether or not it makes sense to offer your book in yet another format, offerings like Baker level the playing field and empower writers to self-publish through new platforms.
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