Dec-16-2011 Available on Apps Store ! Thanks to Apple for their great developers tools and the Magic World that they allow you to provide Dec-11-2011 Second submission on Itunes for Review Enhancement and new features. New design for navigation. Add new magazines on Renault & Porsche available for download. Static libraries dynamically updated. Dynamic Libraries and private acces to automatically generate book is under development (available through Service on this Web Site) Nov-18-2011 Reject from Itunes Store Not enough end-user values Nov-13-2011 First submission on Itunes for Review Basic features for reading embedded book. Download books not yet available Oct-30-2011 Apple Store registration Registration as an Apple Developer on IPad. Ready to begin the chalenge ! Oct-22-2011 SwipeBord is born from Baker idea After spending lot of time to find out of the box apps that can easily generate and publish digital publication, SwipeBoard is born from the Baker Framework idea
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